Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there enough water in the air to produce water every day?
A: Yes. One estimate of the volume of water in the atmosphere at any given time is about 12,900 cubic kilometers (one cubic kilometer of water is one million litres of water, so it is 12.9 billion litres of water available continuously) in the atmosphere. That is more than enough of drinking water for all life on the planet.

Q: Can I really get pure drinking water from air that may have so many impurities in it?
A: Yes. Aquaria has a process wherein multiple air and water filtration systems removes particulate matter smaller than .01 microns.

Q: What about bacteria or other germs?
A: Aquaria utilizes high intensity UV (ultra violet) to eliminate any microorganisms including bacteria and viruses. Ultra violet Light has been used for over 50 years to purify water and is accepted world over as a standard methodology for water treatment.

Q: Is it expensive to make water from air with Aquaria?
A: Aquaria is extremely efficient and uses a minimal amount of energy to produce water. Depending on local electricity costs in India and microclimate of the installation site,, a litre of Aquaria water costs between 67 paise (Rs.0.67) to 160 paise ( Rs. 1.60) to produce.

Q: Does Aquaria have special power requirements?
A: No. Aquaria operates on standard 220V power connected to 5A Standard Wall Socket

Q: Is it difficult to install Aquaria?
A: No. Aquaria requires no plumbing, water lines, or pipes and are easily installed, essentially a "plug-and-play" installation. On installation, it would take 24 to 36 hours (depending on local microclimate) for the machine to be ready to dispense water from the dispenser. Thereafter, it is a continuous process.

Q: What happens if the water reservoir is full? Will the machine overflow?
A: The state-of-the-art technology in Aquaria, driven by Aritificial Intelligence On-Board Computer (AIOBC) controlled system will shut down the device when full and also helps in saving electricity.

Q: Will water standing in a full reservoir get stagnant and stale?
A: Aquaria's Aritificial Intelligence control system purifies the water on real-time basis and maintains purity and freshness in your drinking water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In case you are away for more than 3-4 days, its recommended to switch off the machine, drain out the water in the dispenser as a health safety measure. Upon your return, just switch on the machine.

Q: Will water produced from the air in my home or office have a funny taste or smell?
A: The Aquaria purification system employs special filters to remove any unpleasant tastes or odor that may be present in the air. The taste of Aquaria water is very natural and earthy; the flavor is like the 'scent of rain' or 'Petrichor'. The result is fresh and delicious drinking water in its purest form.

Q: Why do I need Aquaria to bring me water anyway? What's wrong with the water I get from my tap?
A: Numerous articles have been written warning about the amount of impurities that are found in public drinking water supplies as well as the vulnerability of public water supplies mixing with sewage waste. The only way to be absolutely certain that your drinking water is really pure and safe is to produce it yourself with Aquaria.

Q: What about bottled water? Isn't that safe and pure?
A: Other articles have been published revealing that some bottled water is really only reprocessed tap water. But do you really want to be constantly lugging heavy cases of water and paying those ridiculous prices for water you can produce right in your home or office for such a low cost per litre?

Q: Are there any similar Air to Water generating machines? If so, how is Aquaria different?
A: Yes. Making water from air is a technology that existed for many years. The technology of those air to water generators or water makers is that it condenses and dehumidifies the air like in an air conditioner with high electricity consumption. Also, if the humidity is low, such machines do not work. Whereas, Aquaria makes actual rain by HSP-Rain Tunnel Technology using one tenth the energy required to condense the air to get water. This technology is patented.

Q: How much electricity does it use?
A: Depending on the Microclimate of your location, Aquaria consumes 4 to 12 units per day (similar to your home refrigerator) depending on the usage of hot and cold water that you dispense.

There are many automatic features that minimize power use in Aquaria. For example, Aquaria comes with sensors that detect when the holding tank is full and shuts off. Aquaria also checks the Saturation Vapor pressure (Gaseous water in the Air) at regular intervals and if it is low, adjusts itself so that water generation is maximized throughout the day or shuts off if the saturated vapor pressure is too low, so that wasted energy is minimized.

Q: What if Aquaria is required to be installed in an area where there is no electricity?
A: Aquaria is compatible to renewable energy sources like solar, wind or biomass. Scalene has latest technology developed for renewable energy and can custom make Aquaria to work in places where there is no electricity. When used with these renewable energy, the cost per litre will come down drastically.

Q: Is there a Guarantee?
A: Aquaria comes with the manufacturers ONE YEAR comprehensive Guarantee and FIVE YEARS of warranty on all parts excepting moving parts and consumables.

Q: How much does annual maintenance cost?
A: Air filters needs to be changed every 3 to 6 months depending on the air pollution in  your town (its very simple) and cost about Rs. 150/-. Water filters needs changing every 12 months after the first year.  The cost of filters would be similar to any good quality water filters and would be in the range of 4000/- to 6000/-.

Q: What is the price?
A: Aquaria is highly sophisticated machine and is also custom made for different applications. Please email info@elitaindia.com for prices and delivery.

Q: Does Aquaria work everywhere or only in coastal areas where humidity is high?
A: Aquaria is not dependent just on humidity unlike similar air to water generators where low humidity conditions are a challenge and will not produce water due to less humidity or low temperature.

Q: What is Aquaria's life span?
A: The average estimated life span is 15 years. If the machine is used as specified in the owner's manual and proper maintenance procedures are employed, then the machine is expected to operate for over 20 - 25 years

Q: What is the total weight of Aquaria? Is it possible to move it from one place to other?
A: The total weight of Aquaria is around 72 Kgs. Wheels are provided to move it within the premises. In case the machine has to be shifted outside the premises to a different location, please call our maintenance team on the phone numbers mentioned in the instruction manual.

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