Most wastes that are generated find their way into land and water bodies, causing severe water and air pollution. The problems caused by solid wastes can be significantly mitigated through the adoption of environment-friendly waste to energy technologies that can convert these waste into energy.

The environmental benefits of waste to energy, as an alternative to disposing of waste in landfills, are clear and compelling. Waste to energy generates clean, reliable energy from a renewable fuel source, thus reducing dependence on fossil fuels, the combustion of which is a major contributor to GHG emissions.

Organic Fuels Technology would reduce the quantity of wastes, generate a substantial quantity of energy from them, and greatly reduce pollution of water and air, thereby offering a number of social and economic benefits that cannot easily be quantified.

SERI Organic Fuels Technology, a proprietary technology, is the first of its kind in the world that has been the result of over 8 years of research and development at Scalene Energy Research Institute (SERI). It has been designed to process any Organic feedstock including food we waste, non-consumable part of fruits, vegetables and other agricultural waste, municipal solid waste, oil effluents, Parts of animals, poultry and fish that we cannot eat, excreta of human and animal that add to green house gases year by year, weeds such as water hyacinth, water lettuce, parthenium, etc that clog our water bodies or cause allergies.

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SERI developed a highly controlled biological reaction process comprising the use of specifically and finely cultured microbial ecosystem for aerobic and an-aerobic digestion of organic feedstock. SERI Organic Fuels Technology is a multi stage variable Hydraulic Retention, Microbe Incubated Bio-Reaction system. The process aids in production of high purity Combustible gas in quantities exceeding 30-60% more than currently used techniques. We call this gas as Organic Natural Gas. The design of the system is fully modular with scope for expansion and the plant can be built with small footprint. The cost of such a plant is substantially lower and affordable; out-comes are encouraging and give you a sense of saving our home, the Planet.

The final Fuel produced by this process is named SERI ORGANIC NATURAL GAS. The SERI ONG has similar properties as that of Natural Gas without the undesirable impurities like butane, propane, pentane, etc.

SPARSE guided technology is redefining the way energy is produced and used. The aim is to provide efficient energy solutions that are reliable, scalable, and most cost effective. Scalene is an emerging leader in the field of fuel enriched renewable energy technologies. Scalene provides total turnkey solutions for power production including feasibility studies, sizing, design, supply of equipment, installation / erection, testing, training, operation and maintenance, proactively reducing the carbon footprint while harnessing the immense potential of abundantly available bio resources in an eco-friendly and economical method.

Small Plants:

The day is not far when individual households will be able to generate fuel for domestic use from waste.

Scalene has created a new technology to produce pipeline grade natural gas and electricity from any organic material (Kitchen food waste, paper waste, etc).

This new technology will enable organizations, Apartments, Hotels and Households to have their own source of energy, which is carbon neutral. This helps radically change the production and usage of energy. SERI Organic Natural Gas produces high-purity combustible gas. This gas can be used as cooking gas, as vehicle fuel and to generate electricity. The cost of installation is very low when compared to Solar or Wind Energy.

The plant does not require much space. The by-products of the process can also be used as a rich bio-fertilizer and natural organic pesticide.

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