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Sreelatha.S has been a practicing artist of various styles for over twenty years. Her focus on nature and dieties yields stunning masterpieces of landscapes, garden views and portraits. Her works are known for their vibrance, uniqueness and luminosity.

Sreelatha, although an Advocate by profession (also Legal Advisor for Elita India), is an artist by passion. You can say, art is in her blood. An artist who has conquered the colour palette by trial and error. Her art works are a sight for sore eyes.

Her passion for art and her interest in colours started at a tender age of 10. She has been improving herself and adding more colour into her life ever since. What started off as a painting using humble water colours has now evolved into paintings using oils, fabrics, acrylics and mixed media.

Her love and devotion to the Indian diety, Lord Shiva, has made her create many wonderful and magical works of art.

Deciding to broaden her horizons, she started learning many more skills and different kinds of art forms. She now specializes in Chinese Ceramic art, 3D Murals, One Stroke Paintings using oils and acrylics, Kerala Murals and of course sketching and painting.

Some of our original paintings have been purchased by numerous private art collectors. All her art works are original and take birth from her imagination.

Sreelatha is one of a handful of artists who excel in so many varied art genres; Sketching using inks and pencils, Painting using water colours, Acrylic painting, Oil painting, Mix media, Chinese Ceramic art, 3D murals, Zen-tangles, Pointillism, One Stroke Paintings, Kerala murals, Corporate Arts, etc.